20 Uses for Nail Polish

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We all know about using nail polish for a manicure but nail polish also has many other uses.  Here are some you might not have thought about:

  1.  Easy Key ID – Identify the keys on your key ring with a small dot of different colors of nail polish.
  2. Protect Costume Jewelry – Protect your costume jewelry from  tarnishing by brushing clear polish onto the back of each piece.
  3. Prevent Rusty Toilet Seat Screws – When installing a new toilet seat, paint the screws with a coat or two of clear nail polish to keep the screws from rusting.
  4. Seal an Envelope – Don’t like licking the glue on envelopes or have an envelope flap that just won’t seal? Coat the underside of the envelope flap with nail polish to seal an envelope.  This seal will be strong enough that no one could even steam the envelope open.
  5. Stop Runs on Stockings – Use clear nail polish on the snag of the run and let it dry.
  6. Stop Shoe Laces/Ribbons from Unraveling – Dip the ends in a clear nail polish to keep shoe laces and ribbons from fraying.
  7. Get rid of a warts – Cover warts with nail polish to get rid of them and prevent spreading the virus.  The wart should be gone in about a week.
  8. Secure Buttons – To keep buttons from becoming loose and falling off, apply a drop of clear nail polish on the thread on the back side of the button.
  9. Easier Needle Threading Easier – Drag the cut end of the thread through the brush of nail polish. When it dries the thread end should be stiff enough to thread in a flash.
  10.  Stop Itch – Use clear nail polish to stop the itch from  poison ivy and mosquito bites .
  11. Keep an Eyeglass Screw in Place - To keep those eyeglass screws from coming loose, top them with a dab of nail polish.
  12.  Keep Metal Belt Buckle Shiny -  Cover the belt buckle with fours coats of clear nail polish to keep them shiny.  Make sure to let each coat dry before applying the next coat.
  13. Smudge-proof Important Labels – Keep your prescription labels clean and readable by painting it with clear nail polish.  Brush clear nail polish over luggage labels or addresses to keep them from fading or running. You can also cover decals on your child’s toy with clear nail polish to make them wear longer.
  14. Repair Latex Gloves – Repair the small holes in plastic or latex gloves with a small dab of nail polish.
  15.  Prevent Rust Rings from Metal Containers – Paint nail polish around the bottom of shaving cream cans and other metal containers to avoid rust stains on bathroom counters and tub.
  16. Mark Your Thermostat and Shower Settings -Paint a thin, colored nail polish line to mark the right setting on your thermostat and for the perfect shower temperature. This is a quick and easy way to find the right temperature.
  17.  Tighten Loose Screws– Before inserting the screw into a wobbly drawer knob paint the screw with nail polish.  When the polish dries it will hold the screw more tightly.
  18. Mend Holes in Window Screens – If you have a small hole in your screen, no more than about 1/4 inch  in diameter, you can block the bugs and keep the hole from getting bigger by dabbing on a bit of clear nail polish.
  19.  Mark Levels on a Bucket – Use bright colored nail polish to mark levels on a bucket.  Mark the levels on both the inside and the outside of the bucket. 
  20.  Easy Identification – Put a drop of colored nail polish on your golf, tennis or racquet balls so they can be easily identified.

Please leave us a comment if you have other interesting uses for nail polish.

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